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JEFF BENNETT, MIT Alumnus / Entrepreneur

Major: Management / 15

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 1986

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Jeff Bennett is an MIT Alumn -
MS Management'86, with a focus on Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship with an BS in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University and graduate level engineering coursework and research at MIT.
Jeff has been a LISEF science fair judge for 8 years, taught classes in physics ( ESP program) and digital electronics. He has worked as an engineer for General Electric, a scientific programmer for M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory, and as a Strategic Technology Analyst for Reuters setting electronic communication standards and managing pilot projects to introduce new technology. As a technical entrepreneur he is founder and manager of Bennet-Tec Information Systems Inc, providing software components used in desktop applications by major corporations and government organizations worldwide . He is a founding investor and board member of Vanguard Software, and a board member of Jeffrey Gardens Cooperative Apartments and of MIT Club of Long Island. He is also the founder of Long Island Mobile Developers and Entrepreneurs Club, and Science and Technology Discussion Group of Long Island. More recently Jeff has been working on Enabling Human Technology Services, a zero stage start-up working to empower physically challenged individuals through application of voice control.

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P14290: Media Binds or Blinds? Eradicating Algorithmic Bias through Media Education in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
This workshop investigates the role of Algorithmic Bias/ Injustice integrating new technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS) while developing global competencies, geospatial intelligence, and computational thinking skills. It offers creative strategies and possibilities for eradicating myths and misconceptions in education. We will engage in a wide range of media literacy activities exploring geospatial and computational thinking skills. We will investigate alternative points of view on news, global issues, algorithmic bias, and social justice through media literacy education.