Spark 2017 will take place March 11–12.

Teacher registration for Spark 2017 is closed!

What? Teach anything you want to middle school students.
When? March 11–12, 2017
Who? MIT community members teaching 7th and 8th grade students.
How? Register to teach for Spark 2017 here!

As a Spark teacher, you get to pick any subject that interests you and teach a one-time class. Your class can be one hour to three hours, a hands-on seminar with 10 students to a lecture with 300 students. Spark is an entirely volunteer-run program that runs over one weekend in the Spring and attracts around 1,000 students from grades 7th through 8th.

Don't know what to teach? Check out What Should I Teach? for suggestions and old course catalogs.

Please visit logistics to find out more about how ESP can help you teach great classes! We can help you teach better, run great demonstrations, get resources for your class (special rooms, projectors, speakers, supplies), and lots of other things — email us at if you aren't sure if we can help with something.

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