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Major: Neuroscience

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: 2021

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X14631: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Investing in HSSP Summer 2021 (Jul. 10 - 31, 2021)
Have you ever wanted to build your start-up? Or maybe you are just curious how companies like Airbnb, Uber, or Tesla came into existence? Is X company worth investing your money in? If you answered yes to one (and hopefully to all) the questions, then come and get your answers here!

X14521: Introduction to the Stock Market & Cryptocurrency in Spark 2021 (Mar. 13 - 27, 2021)
What is the stock market? How do people invest in it? Is Bitcoin even a real currency? This course is a general overview of the stock market and cryptocurrency. Students will be introduced to how the market work, the risks involved in investing in stocks, and how to make an informed decision, and what factors to consider when investing. The course will also cover the history and definition of cryptocurrency. Students will also get a chance to do paper trading (no real money involved). This is a 101 course intended for students who have no background in the stock market. Disclaimer: This course is not meant to encourage/discourage investing in the stock market nor does it involve risking real money. It is meant to provide you with tools to be informed about the stock market/cryptocurrency.

B14153: Beginner Arabic in Splash 2020 (Nov. 14 - 15, 2020)
Learn the Arabic alphabet and some basic greetings and pronunciations! Aimed to inspire eventual learning and interest of the Arabic Language.

A14094: Untitled (Art Making in Isolation) in HSSP Summer 2020 (Jul. 11, 2020)
Quarantine should not stop you from being creative! In this class, we aim to teach basic art skills that are applicable to a wide range of fields. We will share fundamentals of drawing and design through both hands-on and digital activities. We will focus on life drawing such as portraits and figure drawing while observing (virtual) streets and one another. But that is not it! We will also be sharing quick fun facts about the brain works to process art. Note that this is an introductory art course for those with little to no prior experience. We will later be using GIMP as our free digital art program.