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ANTOINE CERFON, MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering, 4th year PhD

Major: Plasma Physics

College/Employer: MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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Antoine did his undergrad in France, majoring in math, physics, and nuclear science and engineering. He is currently a graduate student in Nuclear Science and Engineering (Fusion division) at MIT. Though you might not believe him, he claims he knows other words than "Nuclear", "Science", and "Engineering". He has three things to say: 1) Teaching is awesome. 2) Physics is awesome. 3)He forgot the third thing.

Past Classes

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S1836: The first three minutes of the Universe (and a bit beyond) in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
High energy physics has been extremely successful at describing the early stages of our Universe, and at explaining how it evolved from the post-Big Bang very dense and hot soup of particles that it once was to the Universe we now know. You want to become a high energy physicist for one day, and understand by yourself what happened during the fascinating and crucial first three minutes (and a bit more) of the Universe? You want to learn about the role of the photons, the quarks, and the neutrinos in this big story? You want to know when hydrogen, the fuel of the sun, first became stable? You want to know how light suddenly appeared in the whole Universe? Welcome onboard, this class is for you!

Plasmas and fusion: science and energy for the future! in SPLASH (2007)
In this class, we will study one of the most exciting solutions to global warming and the future energy crisis: ...

Let's play with nuclei and get energy! in SPLASH (2005)
What happens to nuclei in nuclear power plants, and why do human beings try so hard to obtain a stable ...