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STEPHEN FRIED, Stephen Fried is a chemist.

Major: 5, 8

College/Employer: MIT

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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My name is Stephen Fried, and I am a senior at MIT studying Chemistry and Physics. My research interests lie in physical organic chemistry with applications in energy conversion and generation -- like small-molecule activation, solar energy conversion, and catalysis. I also really enjoy teaching! -- my sophomore year, I TAed a class that I hardly liked at all but still had loads of fun! I am happy to be teaching Spash for my fourth [and final!] year.

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S1832: Water + Sun = Hydrogen? in Splash! 2008 (Nov. 22 - 23, 2008)
In August, the research group of Professor Dan Nocera discovered a catalyst that oxidizes water at neutral pH with low over-potential. The result is considered to be a break-through in advancing a hydrogen economy. But did you know that you can make this catalyst with simple materials in a high-school chemistry lab? We'll talk about electrochemistry, what the new result means for solar energy, and make our own cell together to start making our own hydrogen.

Chemistry Magic! in SPLASH (2007)
Want to use science to impress your friends? We'll use simple household chemicals to perform awesome tricks... and then learn ...

How to Chant the Torah in SPLASH (2007)
When the Hebrew Bible is read out loud, a standardized set of tunes and cantillations are used in order to ...

Photosynthesis is Amazing! in SPLASH (2007)
In plants, light from the sun is used to turn carbon dioxide into energy-rich sugar molecules. It's an incredibly complicated ...

Introduction to Organic Chemistry in JUNCTION (2006)
Organic Chemistry is the foundational science of relating molecular structure to the chemical changes matter undergoes under given conditions. Equipped ...

Inside an Explosion... in SPLASH (2006)
In the presnce of oxygen, if you send a spark flying at some hydrocarbons, you get a BOOM! But did ...

What's Organic Chemistry? in SPLASH (2006)
What's Organic Chemistry and why do so many people care about it? Simply enough, organic chemists come up with ways ...

Intro to Quantum Chemistry in SPLASH (2005)
Chances are you've heard the word "quantum" before, but what does this actually mean anyhow? Have you ever wondered why ...

Philosophy of Science in SPLASH (2005)
Science as we know it today exists because several wealthy Europeans during the 17th century had the daft idea that ...