What is teaching like?

Teaching for ESP can be an extremely rewarding and educational experience. It can also be as much or as little commitment as you like. If you would like to teach a one-time class, Splash (in November) and Spark (in early March) are great opportunities to teach about anything you want! HSSP (spring and summer) is a 5–10 week program that gives you the opportunity to go more in-depth.

Moreover, we believe that teaching should be fun for you, as well as the students taking your classes. Our motto is “teach anything, learn anything, do anything”, and we hope our programs allow you to teach the subjects (academic or non-academic) that you're passionate about. Learn more about what we aim to achieve with our programs here.

Teaching is also easier than you think! We can help you with advice, resources and helpful hints. You can teach a lecture class about programming algorithms, an interactive electronics class or maybe even teach yoga or martial arts. If you need resources for your class, you can either buy them (check with directors to determine your budget) or we can help you procure them. If you’d like advice or tips, check out our advice for teachers section, or simply contact us with any questions or thoughts.

Last modified on Jan. 09, 2022 at 06:21 p.m.