ESP Values

ESP’s values help define our mission and are what we work to express through our many programs. We ratify our values every year to remind ourselves of the goals of our programs and operations. While different programs may choose to emphasize values in distinct ways, all of these values are key to ESP’s identity.

Joy of Learning and Teaching

We believe learning and teaching can be for fun, not just for knowledge, and we wish to spread this belief.
ESP believes that learning and teaching can be fun for their own sake, and we wish to impart this belief on our students and teachers. We provide classes which students take not in order to satisfy a requirement or because they need to learn something, but instead because they enjoy learning the material. Likewise, teachers teach classes because they want to, rather than for some external benefit.

Freedom and Independence

Participants in our programs should have as much choice as possible and should be encouraged to make their own choices.
ESP is differentiated from most educational programs in that participants possess the ability to be able to "teach anything, learn anything, do anything". We will aim to provide participants in our programs as much freedom as possible within the bounds of common sense. We believe this independence allows students to best learn what they are interested in, not just traditional academic subjects or what their parents want. Likewise, our teachers are free to teach what they are most passionate about.


Students' ability to attend our programs should be minimally influenced by disabilities, financial status, or similar barriers.
We believe students should have equal access to educational opportunities. Therefore, we aim to minimize barriers to entry for attending our programs.

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