Our Educational Mission

The MIT Educational Studies Program (ESP) was created by MIT students in 1957 so we could make a difference in the community by sharing our knowledge and creativity with local high school students. Since then, we have grown to support well over three thousand middle and high school students each year with the help of hundreds of MIT students and community members. Our original High School Studies Program (HSSP) has been joined by many other enrichment programs over the years, and our agenda changes each year to best suit the community’s needs.

More About ESP

Through an extensive offering of academic and non-academic classes, ESP is dedicated to providing a unique, affordable educational experience for motivated middle school and high school students. ESP is a great activity for teens in the Boston area. ESP classes are developed and taught by MIT students, alumni, and faculty, and members of the community. Our students are given the chance to learn from passionate and knowledgeable teachers; our teachers can gain experience developing their own curricula with access to students with the strongest desire to learn. The result is a unique, dynamic curriculum and an atmosphere of unparalleled energy. We are one of the largest student-run programs of our kind in the United States.

ESP invites students from all walks of life for classes they may not get to experience in a traditional academic setting. From fun-filled classes (Duct Tape Design, Bottle Rockets) to academically challenging ones (Build Your Own Operating System, Modern Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics), all sorts of classes are available to high school and middle school students. Our organization aims to provide exciting, thoughtful and meaningful classes for anyone with the desire to learn.

Variety and Experimentation

No other MIT student group puts on programs involving thousands of middle and high schoolers. Being part of ESP is being part of one of the most unique organizations anywhere, an organization that is always filled with energy and new ideas — and isn’t afraid of trying those new ideas out. Coming to an ESP program means being a part of the cutting edge of education.

It is astonishing to be a part of any ESP program as it happens, and it always feels wonderful when all the pieces fall into place. We hope that our programs inspire students and teachers to follow their curiosities and share them with the world. ESP invites all members of the MIT community and beyond to come to our weekly meetings and learn more about our organization.

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