What People Say

What People Say

"I enjoyed the various discussions I had in each class. Since my classes were all so different, topic-wise, I learned a variety of new things that day; it was very interesting, and I'm definitely going to carry that information with me for a long time."

---Spark student

"I feel that even though my focus in the Splash program was to learn more about space and overall cosmology I could pick any other class that I had interests in... there were many. So not only did I have fun learning about things I had a blast trying out new classes that I otherwise would have not taken. I really enjoyed Splash, and I can not wait until next year!"

---Splash student

"A truly amazing experience, Junction really solidified my goals and connected me with a diverse group of passionate people."

---Junction student

"Thank you SO much for introducing many wonderful courses for students this age group (6 -12 grade). Learning should be fun and learning is not just about grades. Both my sons started to participate in your programs since two years ago, we became regulars and eager to find out what we can sign up for next. We understand that it is a great commitment for MIT students, alumni or staff to deliver this enrichment programs to the community. You guys work is greatly appreciated!"

---ESP parent

"I hope sincerely that my son's (and his twin sister's) experience in college is half as good as his class at Junction. It really gave him a great taste of being treated like an intelligent being."

---Junction parent

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her classes. Your teachers and staff encouraged learning while boosting the student'€™s self esteem. The opportunity to interact with students from all over was wonderful. The whole atmosphere made for a positive experience. My daughter is already planning what she wants to take next year."

---Splash parent

"[My favorite part of teaching was] the energy! The class was filled with people who were excited to learn about something, which is something I'm often too tired to be. Jokes and discussion with the class all added to how happy we all were to be learning about the subject material; I'm still learning too! The energy and excitement was very refreshing."

---Splash teacher

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