Summer HSSP Program Details

Summer HSSP has concluded for the 2019 year.

Program Vitals:
What: An in-depth look at a variety of both academic and nonacademic subjects.
When: Summer HSSP 2019 runs for seven weeks, taking place on Sundays from July 7th to August 18th, 10AM to 3PM
Who: Rising 7th graders to current 12th graders.
Where: All classes will be held on the MIT campus.
Contact E-mail:
Registration: Registration for Summer HSSP 2019 is now closed.

$40, but please note that very generous financial aid is available. We encourage any and all students for whom this cost is prohibitive to still register for the program and apply for financial aid as part of the registration process. You will be able to apply after the lottery phase of registration closes.

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About HSSP

Time and date

Summer HSSP 2019 will run each Sunday for 7 weeks, from July 7th to August 18th. Classes will take place in the following time blocks of 1 or 1.5 hour classes: 10:30am–11:30am, 11:30am–12:30pm, 12:30am–-1:30pm (1 hour classes), 10:00am–11:30am, and 1:30pm–3:00pm (1.5 hour classes). Your child may attend any combination of class times. This will not affect the cost of the program.

During one of middle two time blocks, students must have a lunch break. Then, students can bring a bagged lunch with them or buy lunch on campus. There are a variety of food options available on campus, including at the student center. See below for more information about food.


Students from rising seventh graders to graduating twelfth graders are eligible. Absolutely no exceptions can be made to this policy.

HSSP has a wide variety of classes, and we encourage students of all interests and levels to participate.

Insurance: All ESP programs require students to have medical insurance valid in the state of Massachusetts. This means that your health insurance will cover health care costs at Massachusetts facilities in the unlikely event that medical care is necessary during HSSP. If you do not currently have medical insurance, you can obtain temporary travel insurance, which suffices if it covers medical emergencies. If you have questions about your particular situation, email There are no exceptions to this policy. For more information, check out our medical FAQ.


Summer HSSP will cost $40, regardless of how many classes are taken. We accept payment online (online payments must be made after lottery results are published and before July 3rd) or during student check-in on the first day of the program, in cash or check made out to MIT ESP. The online payment system will open after students receive lottery results and confirm their enrollment — starting in late June. Very generous need-based financial aid is available, and the request form will be available when you register online. If your family would have any problems paying for HSSP, we strongly encourage you to apply for financial aid.

If you are dissatisfied or cannot attend the program, you may obtain a full refund by the third week of HSSP. We do not offer any refunds past the third week.


It is important that you try to attend all 7 weeks. Space is limited in our program and we anticipate being oversubscribed. If you cannot attend all 7 weeks, please keep in mind that you are taking the spot of someone else who would be able to fully attend the program. In addition, many of the courses will build upon previous material, and so missing a week will put you behind. You must show up on the first day of classes; if you cannot show up to the first day of classes you must contact us or risk losing your spot.

After the lottery closes and you receive your schedule let us know if you plan to miss a week. If you plan to miss a week, you should fill out the Class Absence Form.


Registration will happen in two phases: a lottery followed by first-come-first-served registration.

  1. During the first phase of registration, you’ll be able to provide your class preferences for each time block. Afterwards, we’ll run a lottery to randomly match students to classes. Registration is due on June 26th midnight, and students will be notified of the results a few days later.
  2. During the second phase, students will have the option to add and drop classes with available space on a first-come-first-served basis.


HSSP has a wide variety of classes that vary from semester to semester. Our teachers are volunteers, so they may or may not teach a particular class again. Summer HSSP 2019 class catalog.

If you do not like a class you received, you may switch into any class that has openings, during the first two weeks of the program. After that, we do not allow any class changes or new registrations.


The HSSP HQ is 1-132. You should head there if you need any help.

Directions and Parking

Getting around MIT

Getting around MIT can be a challenge. Note MIT room numbers are in the form of B-FNN(N), where B is the building number, F is the floor number, and NN(N) is the room's number (usually 2 digits; 3 in the case of building 13 rooms and other rooms like 14-0637). Pronounce room numbers by pronouncing the building number and room number separately: fourteen oh six three seven (14-0637) or one one thirty-two (1-132). For an interactive map, check out


HSSP does not provide lunch, but students will get time to eat. Students are welcome to bring a bagged lunch or buy lunch around campus. There are various places to eat around MIT; see our food map for more details. We also strongly recommend that students bring their own bottled water.

Your First Day: Student Check-in

On the first day, student check-in will be in Lobby 13 starting at 9:30 AM and will remain there until 11:30 AM. Afterwards, check in will occur in the HSSP office, 1-132. If you won't be able to attend the first day of classes, please fill out the absence form so we know to hold your spot; report to 1-132 on the second day of HSSP.

Medical and Liability Form Students and parents will need to sign a liability form, which can be found here: Link to Liability Form. Please bring a printed and signed liability form with you on the first day of HSSP. If you have not yet submitted a medical form for HSSP, you will need to do so at student check-in. These forms, which require medical insurance information, will be provided at check-in.

Contact Us

If you urgently need to contact us during the program, you can call us at 617-253-4882. At all other times or for less urgent queries, please send us an email.

Email is the main way that HSSP coordinators and teachers communicate with students. Unfortunately, sometimes our emails are marked as spam, and don't go through. If you don't get a confirmation email, you should try the following:

  1. Check what email address your ESP account is configured for. Sometimes, people mistype their email address, or type in their parents' email instead of their own. You can check here.
  2. Check that the email was not caught in a spam folder.
  3. If you still can't find the email, email us individually, and we'll send you a confirmation email. Also, make an allowed source.
  4. Performing step 3 will not guarantee that you get all of our emails — our emails keep getting caught in spam filters, and there is very little we can do about it. You should check this page on the website regularly to make sure you're up to date. We will announce sent emails on the website. Also, email us to let us know that you're not receiving our emails, so we can see if there is anything we can do about this.

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