Spark 2024 Information

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Spark 2024 will be March 16-17, open to grades 7-10! Student registration is open now!.

Information for Spark 2024

Times and Dates

Spark will run on Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17. Saturday will have classes from 10am to 6pm Eastern Time; Sunday will have classes from 9am to 6pm Eastern. Both days require a lunch break from either noon to 1pm or 1pm to 2pm Eastern.

Financial Logistics

The total cost of attending Spark is $70. We also offer generous need-based financial aid. In order to participate in Spark, please either pay the program cost of $70 or apply for financial aid.

Class Changes

On the days of Spark, students may add and drop classes depending on available space. More information will be communicated via email.

Walk-in Activities

Spark is again offering walk-in activities this year. If you find yourself with nothing to do between classes or want a break from the ordinary lectures, join a walk-in and do something fun. You don’t need to register for activities; just drop by whenever you have some free time.

Find out more about walk-in activities.

T-Shirt Sales

Official Spark 2024 t-shirts will be available. Price and ordering logistics will be sent via email to registered students.

Spark Student Guide

The Spark Student Guide is a small booklet with information about logistics, classrooms, and other useful information. It will be available closer to Spark.

Special Arrangements

Students with disabilities are welcome at Spark! For more information about special accommodations, please see here.


The Cambridge area has a number of hotels. We have arranged for discounted rates at some -- see details.

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