Junction 2013 Core Courses

Below are the core class choices that were offered in Junction 2013.

Note that each year's class list is considerably different, though we always attempt to offer options in the physical sciences, life sciences, computer science, and advanced mathematics along with 1 to 3 interdisciplinary or humanities options.

To see core classes from other past years, click here.

Engineering the Internet

Discover what makes the Internet work, from wires to web browsers.

Introduction to Neuroscience

From neurons to minds, explore what we know about how the brain works–and how to investigate what we don’t.

Biology of Reproduction

All living things make more living things. Explore how the drive to reproduce impacts the genetics, physiology, behavior, and evolution of species.

Environmental Organic Chemistry

Oil spills, wastewater discharges, and dry cleaning: discover how human activities impact the environment through the power of organic chemistry.

Distributive Justice

Every society must distribute wealth, power, status, rights, and its own membership. This course examines how those decisions are and ought to be made.

Crafting the Modern Novella

The next great American novella is waiting to be written; will you accept the challenge? Come survey various enduring works from the 20th century, and develop the skills to craft your own.

Moby-Dick and Modern America

We’ll work together as a multidisciplinary crew to harpoon this monumental work of epic evil.

Number Theory

What are numbers made of? Beginning with a study of the integers and congruence, this question will lift us into the realms of quadratic reciprocity, RSA encryption, and beyond!

Understanding Topology

Build intuition as well as a rigorous understanding of hard-to-visualize topics in mathematics, from hyperbolic geometry to the 4th dimension and space-time.

Topics in Classical and Modern Physics

Examine the physics that emerged in the early twentieth century—namely special relativity and quantum mechanics—as well advanced topics in classical mechanics and electromagnetism.

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