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Due to difficulties finding qualified MIT organizers and mentors available over the summer, Junction is on hiatus and will not take place in Summer 2018. If we are able to run Junction in the future, we will email everyone with accounts on our website.

Bring your great idea to life at Junction!

In 2017, Junction was a seven-week Sunday program in July-August where self-driven high school students carry out an independent study project of their design, guided by an experienced mentor. At Junction, students will also learn about a wide variety of other less serious subjects through afternoon seminar classes.


In the past, Junction has run on Sundays, from 10:00am - 4:30pm on the MIT campus. For a description of what a typical day at Junction looked like, see here. Before Junction, students will collaborate with their mentors via email, Skype and/or in person to begin planning out and researching their independent study project.

The program typically concludes in a Junction Fair during which students will present their projects and independent work to parents, admins, and miscellaneous members of the MIT community. Students should plan to attend the showcase in its entirety to support their peers.

Program Logistics

Junction 2017 cost $600. This fee covered lunch every day of the program, as well as a materials budget for your independent project. We offer extensive need-based financial aid, and want to ensure that the cost does not deter anyone from participating. Financial aid applications will be sent to accepted students only.

Your Proposal

When applying to Junction, students will propose an original project to work on. Our carefully selected, diverse crew of Mentors will read student proposals and choose seven students they will take on to work with throughout the summer at Junction.

Never written a proposal before? Read our Junction application guide and check out our sample student proposals. Don't worry too much about the details of the proposal -- we just want to see what you would be interested in pursuing and your mentor will work with you to refine your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions, see here.

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