Sample Proposal Ideas

Curious to see what kinds of projects can be proposed? Here are a couple examples we thought up, but don't feel limited by what you see here. The possibilities are endless!

  • An investigation into category theory
  • Building a robot that plays soccer
  • Learning a language, a popular one like Mandarin, or less common one like ancient Greek
  • Writing a novel
  • Designing a good synthesis procedure for a chemical compound
  • Writing and staging a play
  • Creating an art portfolio
  • Composing a sonatina
  • Building a website
  • Developing a strategy game
  • Designing more efficient water filtration systems
  • Studying the effects of light pollutions in various communities
  • Writing a philosophical treatise on good governance
  • Writing a paper about applications of group theory
  • Starting a nonprofit organization
  • Making a documentary film
  • Building and modifying a powerful telescope

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